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METAYOTA LLC was founded on June 1st, 2021 in Delaware, USA.

Joel is the director of the company METAYOTA LLC.

The company is 100 % owned by Joel, September 1984.

He is designer and programmer of the website and the METAYOTA editor!

Please contact the owner at joel@metayota.com if you are interested in getting websites and web-apps for your company, designs, business, press material like pictures and videos of the company and software, media interviews, etc.!

Joel worked for many companies and created apps for well-known companies like ALDI, Credit Suisse, GE Money Bank, Mercedes-Benz and NOKIA.

Registered Office

256 Chapman Road
Newark Delaware 19702


  • The METAYOTA platform for creating web applications
  • Rental of dedicated servers including METAYOTA
  • Rental of virtual servers including METAYOTA
  • Rental of webspaces including METAYOTA
  • METAYOTA graphics engine - render 2D graphics in C++
  • METAYOTA paint - designer also used to write templates for the graphics engine


METAYOTA LLC company offers the following services:

  • Advanced image effects
  • Android apps
  • Advertisement services
  • Artificial intelligence
  • All services needed to run a website or web app for your business!
  • Business software
  • Business task service
  • Calculations
  • Corporate identity
  • Corporate webdesign
  • Click working
  • Compiler research
  • Content approval
  • Content creation
  • Computer algorithms
  • Customer relation management
  • Content management
  • Computer task robots
  • Data
  • Data visualization
  • Design service
  • Design and usability review for your website or web app
  • Document creation
  • Data services / APIs
  • Engineering
  • E-commerce landing-pages, store support, etc.
  • Full-text search for your website
  • Form generators
  • Financial technology
  • HTTP proxy servers
  • Industrial research
  • Internet and computer services
  • iPhone and iPad apps
  • IT emergency support
  • Industry software
  • Image processing
  • Image rating
  • Linux desktop apps
  • Market research
  • Mac desktop apps
  • METAYOTA app and website creation
  • Newsletter services
  • Online business management
  • Remote working platform for programmers, designers, graphic artists, copywriters, translators, etc.
  • Online advertisement services
  • Programming service
  • Product research
  • Programming of software components
  • Product design
  • Pixel graphic rendering
  • Prototyping
  • Paper work
  • Legal services required to publish services, products to markets
  • Reverse engineering
  • Spider and crawler technology
  • Statistics
  • Software migration support
  • Software for paper-ink devices
  • Software development for desktop, mobile, tablet, server, notebook, ...
  • Screendesign
  • Scientific research
  • Search engine optimization
  • Text translation service
  • Text rendering
  • Trading in software licenses
  • Translation services
  • Ubuntu server administration
  • User interface design
  • Video rating
  • Visualization of statistics
  • Video processing / delivery
  • Web services
  • Website vistors
  • Website link building
  • Website design and programming for your company
  • Website template creation for Wordpress
  • Website template creation
  • Wordpress website administration
  • Windows desktop apps

Technology stacks

Ubuntu web server, Apache, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Website or apps built with these technologies have billions of potential users and millions of potential programmers who understand these technologies!

Ubuntu desktop and windows apps built with C++, SDL, OpenGL, METAYOTA CPP engine

App engine for C++ apps built with the METAYOTA editor! Paint simple GUIs with rectangles, images, texts, etc. and create own tags that render with SDL!

Of course the renderer could also be used for other platforms but need integration work!

The app engine is still under development and no code is published yet!


Microchip programming.

OpenBSD for sensitive data storage

The shared webspaces were not invented to store sensitive data! Please get a dedicated server for more security!

Secure by Default “To ensure that novice users of OpenBSD do not need to become security experts overnight (a viewpoint which other vendors seem to have), we ship the operating system in a Secure by Default mode. All non-essential services are disabled. As the user/administrator becomes more familiar with the system, he will discover that he has to enable daemons and other parts of the system. During the process of learning how to enable a new service, the novice is more likely to learn of security considerations.”

Have you found a software bug in our software?

If you found a software bug please send us an email to support@metayota.com!

DMCA / copyright claims

If you have found any material infringing your copyright or any other of your rights in one of the webspaces hosted by METAYOTA please send an email to support@metayota.com or send the request in the contact form.

The message is then forwarded to the owner of the domain.

Report illegal activity

If you wish to report any possible illegal activity from our servers please send an email to abuse@metayota.com!

Mission Statement

Enjoy a journey into a new world where everyone is rich and powerful!

METAYOTA LLC USA is the best internet company on the planet and creates products like never seen before!

Remember your three-dimensional reality!

Company History

1. June 2021: METAYOTA LLC was founded in Delaware USA.

3. June 2021: The first server rented in the United States of America!

5. June 2021: Web design for metayota.com website finished, email server installed!

8. June 2021: The platform is already online, the domains registered, the LinkedIn page created.

9. June 2021: The company has now five super-powerful servers able to run hundreds of websites!

12. June 2021: Release of METAYOTA editor 1.1 with a great design many features!

2. July 2021: 39 followers on LinkedIn!

20. July 2021: 1 000 followers on Twitter!

24. July 2021: 148 webspaces have been created! We are hosting now a popular video sharing website with many servers and users!

31. July 2021: 55 000 website visitors in July 2021!

2. August 2021: metayota.com has now a traffic rank of 600 850! There are still 600 000 websites with more visitors!

5. August 2021: Our website has rank of 352 066 in global internet traffic and engagement at Alexa

Idea of the Company

The company was invented to combine all technologies which are based on the computer processors like ARM, AMD, Intel or microprocessor especially ESP32 and other computer equipment like RAM.

One day, the company is sold to a major computer company or shareholders!

With this money, I would like to create a robotic small company train system in Africa with an own chipset!