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To use our webspace it is not required to use FTP! This is a topic for advanced users, programmers and system administrators!

Download an FTP client like FileZilla!

When you create a webspace on our website you receive an email with all the login information to FTP and much more! The information is also visible in the server area on your webspace! There you find the login information for required for FTP like domain, username and password!

Access your webspace with an FTP client

  1. Open your FTP client like FileZilla
  2. Add a new site
  3. Enter the login information received in your email or

  • backup
  • cache
  • data
  • html
  • log


When you create a backup in the Metayota Editor, the backup of your database and your scripts are stored in this directory. The system automatically creates a zip file with all your databases and files you stored on Metayota!

When you created a backup from your webspace, copy the generated ZIP file to secure locations like Google Drive, to your computer or any data other storage!

Your website runs also without the Metayota Editor! You can just copy the files to the HTTP-directory of your web host and import your database with phpMyAdmin!

This directory was created to store the backups of your webspace! It contains automat You can also use the backup function to install your scripts on other servers!


Here is the store for your personal or company data! This data is not accessible to other users.


Apache HTTP Cache. It gets deleted when you click the clear-cache.


Files in this directory are accessible from the web! It is called the document root or HTTP root directory!

If you place a file here like myfile.jpg, it is accessible through the domain name you provided or the automatically generated domain name like

The Metayota PHP Engine is preinstalled in this folder. Of course you could clear the folder and install another PHP framework! The config directory, which contains database login information, the resource-admin folder which contains the PHP engine and a .htaccess file which contains the necessary redirects to your webspace!

The Metayota platform is compatible to nearly all content management systems like WordPress! Which means you can not only install these content management systems on our webspaces, but they run simultaneously with Metayota on the same webspace and the tags which are programmed with Metayota can be integrated into WordPress or any other content management system!


The log contains the access.log file and the error.log file.

The access.log file contains all hits to your webspace. Every time a web site or a resource like an image is requested from your server a new line in this file appears. The file is cleared every day.

The error.log file contains all the PHP errors happened on your server! This file also also cleared every day! Have a look into this file from time to time to see if any errors happened on your webspace! But you do not need to access this file to see your errors, since the errors are also visible in the Metayota Editor.