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All these tags are preinstalled on your webspace! You are able to edit, reset, and update these documents! See how the tags were implemented so you are able to create your own tags and sites with this awesome editor!

Your web app

The main app component!

Text form element

The form text element displays a editable text.

Textarea form element

The textarea is a form element for editing a multiline text.


Basic container element without styling.

Register now

This is the default registration. You can change the texts in the Implementation-view or add new fields for the form-generator in the Parameters-section. When you introduce new fields, don't forget to add them in the database (phpMyAdmin tool, you can login in the "Your servers" page)

Options (DB Row)

Choose a row from a database table.

Button form element

The button form element fires a click event when the button is clicked!

Checkbox form element

The checkbox offers a yes / no choice.

Modal dialog

Combines a form generator and a modal dialog! Just name the resource type you want to generate the form for and the value!

Send Mail

A web service to send an email! Example PHP web service!

Sync resources


List any type of resources.

Fetch All


METAYOTA HTML engine is the basic framework code that is used to run your web application and load the tags! Please do not edit this code!

Website Routes

The definitions for the URL's for your website.

View date


Contact Us


A password field.

Form file helper

The form file helper is a tool to display the upload file dialog and to upload the file! The uploader checks if the extension of the file is secure like .jpg or .png, while insecure files like ending with .php could not be uploaded.

Website Index (index.html, CSS)

This is the index page for your website. It contains the basic information about your website like the title, the description, keywords for search engines, etc. It is the basis used by the browser in the preinstalled template on your first web app!

Website login

Where Condition

A where condition for a select statement.


RegEx Validator

A regular expression to validate a form field.

Create database table

Create a database table in a SQL based database.

File form element

Displays a button to upload a file.

Dropdown form element

The dropdown form element allows the user to select on or more options from a list. It could be used for example to select a country from a country list. Or any other possible lists.

Draw the U.S. flag

Mail Validator

A validator for form fields that check if the entered value is a valid email address like


Forgot password?

Number form element

Number input field for forms.

Crypto Currencies

Daily prices for crypto currencies in United States Dollar! It is OpenSource for people to learn how to create own tags with METAYOTA!

Dialog with tag

Dialog to display any possible tag in a modal dialog!

Image Resize

Country select

A dropdown which includes all countries! Easy code of a country selection! It includes all states which are accepted by the United Nations 2021!

Documentation example books

Learn how to create a full stack tag which calls PHP from JavaScript to load and display data. In this example, it lists the top selling books!


Radio Group

View number

View options